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Inside the Uniform

This page is designed to enable us to get to know some of the personnel who served with the Squadrons operating B-24 Liberators. These military men were prepared to go where they were ordered, when they were ordered and in which aircraft to do so. These men - proudly wearing their uniforms - were human; so naturally, they experienced feelings of fear, self-doubt and aggression. Here are some of the stories about the personnel who were connected with the incredible B-24 Bomber in the early 1940s.

To read the stories of these men, select from the following:





In reading their stories, you will find out about their:

  • Early years: where they were born and when; the schools that they attended; the number of brothers and sisters that they had; and, some happy memories of their childhood.
  • Military life: when they enlisted; training; postings; their greatest moments; and, when they were discharged.
  • Family life: marriage; children; where they lived; their post-war occupations; and, their happiest memories.
  • Great achievements: what they are very proud of having done.
  • They may even tell us about a person that has inspired them over the years.
  • What they have learnt from their varied experiences.
  • And about some of their hobbies and interests; the kind of things that give them a real buzz.