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Werribee Airfield Notes

Werribee Airfield Notes

Ed Crabtree's Flight Logbook Extracts

Here are Ed Crabtree's Flight Logbook entries for June and July, 1943.

Note the reference to the Werribee Airfield on his SOLO flight on 14June, 1943: June's Entries and a larger image

Again, you can see, on 7th and 8th of July, 1943, his reference to the Airfield. July's Entries and a larger image

As a point of interest, here is a list of the 'Vital Actions' for the A/S Oxford - the check list 
and the 'Sequence of Instruction' - the flight training syllabus. Vital Actions

This is part of Ed's story that relates to these log book entries: "I taxied to the threshold of the runway at the Werribee Airstrip, 35 Km south-west of Melbourne. I glanced across at the vacant seat beside me. Up to now, it was where my instructor had sat. Turning onto the grassy strip, my heart was racing and my hands felt clammy as my eyes focused intently down the runway. I was cleared for take-off! Advancing the throttles, the Oxford began to roll forward. Then, in a heartbeat, the tail swung violently around. Oh, no, I had ground-looped! It was my first solo sortie of my Airspeed Oxford Conversion Course." 
You can read his full story by clicking on this link: Ed's Story