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B-24 Specifications


Information about the B-24 Liberator.

B-24 Specifications

Engines: 4x P&W Twin Wasp R1830-65 (1200 HP each)
Weights: 16 tons empty, 31 tons laden
Wingspan: 110 feet
Height: 18 feet
Length: 68 feet
Bombload: 4 tons - various mixes
Armament: 10 Browning -50 cal heavy MGs
Speed: 290mph max, 215mph cruise
Ceiling: 28,000 feet laden
Range: 2,100 miles, 3,000 miles on aux tanks
Crew: 2 pilots, engineer, 2 navigator-bombers,2 radio operators, 4 turret gunners

General Information

First Flight: 29 December 1939
Production: over 18,000
Main Users: USAAF, USN, USMC, RAF, RAAF, Indian AF, RCAF

B-24 In Service Photo Archive

These images have been supplied courtesy and copyright clearance of the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) and are official RAAF photos, Copyright © Department of Defence.

Special thanks also go to WOFF Ray Bennell of the RAAF, who went beyond the call of duty with his prompt work and extra "photo finding" through the DEFWEB archives.

Liberator on ground. Date unknown.
Liberator on ground. Date unknown.
Grp. Capt. Kingwell. Date unknown.
Liberator Air to Air. Date unknown.