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Personal Items

Personal Items

All in library drawer cabinet unless otherwise listed 


Ron Abicair 
Autographed invitation to the Graduation Dinner, 48 Course, 7 SDFS, 8th december 1944. 

Norm Ammitzboll 
Photos of Truscott, taken 1988-1992. 

William Richard Anderson 
RAAF 427492. Based at Digri, India with 159 Sqd. from July 1944 to January 1945. 
Pilot Officer Anderson is the tall man seventh from the left in the back photo
Second from the left, back photo
Buying supplies from an Indian photo
P/O Anderson's pay book is on display. 

Henry James Bailey 
LAC 46225 RAAF 
Record of Service 

Jack L. Baker on graduation as Air Observer (Navigator/Bomb Aimer/Air Gunner).show photo
Subsequently promoted Flying Officer, March 1944 and Flight Lieutenant September 1945. 
Operational flying with:- 
RAAF Avro Anson aircraft 71 Coastal Defence Squadron - Eastern Australia. 
US Fifth Air Force B-24 Liberator aircraft 528. Heavy Bomber Squadron - Papua New Guinea and Dutch East Indies. 
RAAF B-24 Liberator aircraft 24. Heavy Bomber Squadron - Papua New Guinea and Dutch East Indies. 
RAAF DC# Dakota aircraft 37. Transport Squadron - Australia, Papua New Guinea and Dutch East Indies. 

Frank Bebbington 
Envelope of A4 sized copies of photographs. Some on the Photographs page. 

H.C. Billerwell 
RAAF 433070, 99 Squadron 
In the Captain's seat of an Avro Anson, August 1945. show photo

Kelvin J. Brennan 
RAAF 410943 
Qualified as D.R. Navigator, Astro Navigator, Bomb Aimer and Air Gunner. 
Extracts from Log Book and Service Record. 

Ken photo
RAAF 50070. Flight Engineer. 
Copy of Flight Engineers Course Notes 
Location:- Library Cabinet B2 Box 10 

'Bob' Butler 
Bob Butler (right) and Eric Clark, our Founders, holding a painting of their aircraft 'Penelope II'.show photo
Bob Butler, standing 3rd from left, and Eric Clark, kneeling 2nd from right, with crew besides 'Penelope II'. show photo

Ted Cairns 
Packet of photos including:- 
Jack Webster at waist gunners position, July 1945. show photo

Skip Tonkin (left) and unidentified crewman at waist gunners position, July 1945. show photo

Bob ? (left), unidentified crewman and Skip Tonkin at waist gunners position, July 1945. show photo

Struthers with airbourne camera, Darwin, July 1945. show photo

Jack webster, July 1945. show photo

Struthers at bottom left with unidentified crew. Most likely at Nadzab, New Guinea, December 1944. show photo

There are some other photos in this packet that do not scan well. 

Des Carroll 
Notes for No. 1 conversion course for fitters IIe 
at 7 OTU Tocumwal, NSW, commenced approx. 24/6/1944 
Also one copy in Library Cabinet B2 Box 5. 

Dick Carty 
RAAF 418344 
Pilots Log Book. Original, on display. 
History of 25 Squadron. 
Two letter writing cases, engraved with name and RAAF serial number. 
Range and Cruise Control Charts. 
Plastic bag of assorted modern navigational aids. 
Location:- Library Cabinet B2 Box 4. 

T.A. Chadwick 
Record of Service 
Scrapbook of photos and notes 

Eric Clark 
Envelope of Fund correspondence. 
Signing the Memorandum of agreement with Mr Soroie Eoe, PNG museum. 
Order of Memorial Service. 

N.K. 'Norm' Clarke 
Notes from No. 7 Course. 
List of fuse positions in a Liberator 

Jack Coburn
LAC 120937
There are more photos of Jack Coburn in the photographs sectionshow photo

Bert Cox 
Letter and photocopy of four B-24 and crew photos 
Aircraft is A72-170 'Sam Sabastion' 
Scrapbook of photographs, maps and log book entries.

Ed Crabtree 
In photo
Extracts from Pilots Log Book, February-March 1946, including the last flight of A72-176. show photo
Joe Cesario and crew. Ed Crabtree is kneeling on the left, front row. show photo

Fred Crawford 
Three aerial photos of Amberley, Queensland 
Two air to air B-24 photos. 
Including A72-43, A72-75, A72-92 and A72-46. 
Notes from a Navigation Course 

Robert William Day. show photo
RAAF 431889 
Service Record 

W/Cdr R.A. 'Arch' Dunne. 
CO of 23 Squadron from November 1944 to September 1945. show photo

William Earnest Eames 
Personal invitation to participate in World War II!show photo
Location:- On Display 

Sydney Dalton Easterbrook 
RAAF 411302 
Navigator/Bomb Aimer 
Attached to RAF Coastal Command. 
Copy of log book and several photos. Covering letter from Joan Ward, formerly Easterbrook. 

Cyril Eastgate. 
24 Squadron advance party. Posted to USAF 180th Bomb Group at Fenton and later to Moratai. 
show photo
show photo
show photo

Ian Edmiston 
A Navigator's War 
August 2000 

Nat Eichler 
Wireless/Radar Operator 
99 photo
Don Moodie and photo
Back Row:- Sgt Charlie Gamble. F/Sgt Fred Swindley. P/O Jim Borthwick. F/L Don Moodie (Captain). P/O Lee Rasmussen. F/Sgt Allan Lodge. 
Front Row:- Sgt Bob Berrill. F/Sgt Nat Eichler. P/O Jim Smith. Sgt Len Elliott. P/O Ron McCord. 

Viv Elliott 

Edward Charles (Ted) Findlay 
RAAF 28058 
Wedding photo. show photo
Notes from Melbourne Technical College, Class No. 224 
In Uniform. show photo
Original Course notes - Fitters IIa. Library Cabinet B2 Box 7 
Death Notice. 

Eric Valentine Ford 
Flight Lieutenant RAAF 255138 
F/L Eric Ford and crew. F/L Ford is on the far right of the back row. show photo
Commemorative Scroll. 
Mentioned in Dispatches. 
Telegram informing that he is missing. 
Two sympathy letters from Nick Drury, S.A. Jordan. 
Sympathy letter from King George VI. 

Rex Foy 
Letter and three photos of crashed B-24 'Black Magic' 
Rex Foy was in the nose of this aircraft when it crashed. 
show photo 1
show photo 2
show photo 3

Bob Gibson 
Photo of Bob Gibson and others in front of B-24. 
Taken at Laverton approx. 1943-44. 

Alleyne Bruce (Sam) Giles 
Copy of log book and death notice 

Keith Granger 
Copies of B-24 photos and extracts from book 'Mosquito Monograph'. 
Standing besides B-24 Hellzapoppin at Fenton. show photo

Stuart Grant 
Satchet of slides. Mainly of Bob Butler and Eric Clark. 

Colin Grey 
Box of assorted photos:- 
All the following items are located in Library Cabinet B2 Box 4. 

Kermit Weeks' B-24 'Joe'. 
Interior of Pima B-24 
Cosford's B-24 
Cobulture Aviation Museum from Eileen Kitching. 
Spare photos from the No. 1 'Poochie' recovery program. 
Poochie photos taken on RAAF trip 
Poochie wreck photos 
Photos of Alaskan crash site. Three sets. 
Anzac Day? 1996. 
'Strawberry Bitch' 
Parts at Mareeba. 
A72-176 at Moe. Three packets. 
RAAF trip to N.T. 
Kermit Weeks Fantasy of Flight Museum. From Greg Marshal. 
Wing at Exopest, Melbourne. Two packets. 
Parts at Caloundra, from Doug Lindsay. 

All the following items are located in Library Cabinet B2 Box 4, in a box marked 'assorted photos'. 
Pallett of parts inclubing APU and oxygen cylinder. 
B-24 RMJ 
Ball turret 
B-24 'All American' painted as B-24 'The Dragon and His Tail' 
B-25 'Tondelayo' 
'Beautiful Betsy' crash site photos from Syd Reynolds. 
Wedding photos taken at our hangar. 
Airspeed Oxford at Midland Aviation Museum U.K. 
Airspeed Oxford at Siuthampton U.K. 
Wangaratta trip to make bomb aimer's window frame. 
Turret parts from Bob and Jan Paeth. 
Parts photos from Carl Scholl 
Parts on Carl Scholl's yard. 
More parts in Carl Scholl's yard. 
Some hangar shots and one of Poochie. 
Interior of 'strawberry Bitch'. 
Nose turret inverters. 
Tattersall's Grant ceremony and Nav. computer 
Early shots of hangar workers 
Parts purchased in the U.S. 
Pima B-24 
Photos of hangar workers and Dedication Day. By Michael Hunt. 
B-24 parts at Duxford? 
Airspeed Oxford at Duxford. 
Airspeed Oxford at South Australian Air Museum. 
Boulton and Paul Type C mid upper turret. From Phil Coburn. 
Blitz truck on Philip Island 
Parts held by Howard Jones. 
Airspeed Ozford and heavy salvage truck at Duxford. 
Wing on arrival at hangar, December 1993. 
Photos of tabletop B-24 model 
Nigel with Darwin engine mounts 
Black and white photo of Liberators taxiing 
Memorial in Liberator Park, Leyburn, QLD 
Beautiful Betsy crash site. 
Preparing to lift the outer wing sections, Ramu Valley, New Guinea. 
Bofurs gun at Benalla airfield. Three photos 
Two front turrets. Location unknown. 

Canvas holder of hand-outs from the Pacific Aviation Museums Conference. Darwin, 3-6 September 1997. 
Location:- Library Cabinet B2 Box 5 

Colonel Keith Hatfield 
Copy of C-1 Autopilot operating instructions 
Location:- Library Cabinet B2 Box 4 

S.S. Hawkins 
3051806 Flt/Sgt RAFVR 
Photo album including description of Liberator Operations in Coastal Command. 
Location:- Library Cabinet B2 Box 20 

L.A. Hendy 
Pilot Officer A410333 RAAF, Digri, India. 
Photo of an oil painting by Sir William Dargie. show photo
L.A. Hendy is sixth from the right in the back row of this photo

Brendan Heslin 
Journey of Discovery. 
Booklet celebrating the life of Brendan Michael Heslin. Killed in action 27th July 1945. 
ISBN 978-0-646-49239-1 
Two additional copies in Library Cabinet B2 Box 18 
Filed under 'H'. 
Article from 'RAAF News' 
Under 'P' for Bob Percy. 

Tony Heslin 
Article from 'RAAF News' 
Under 'P' for Bob Percy. 

John (?) Hilton-Wood 
Photo of B-24 'King Cobra' taken at Tocumwal. show photo

James Leonard Howatson. show photo
Killed in action on May 5th, 1945. 
Flying Officer Howatson was possibly the last Australian airman to die in the European War. 
Commemorative Scroll. 
Description of the action between three German U-boats and Flying Officer Howatson's aircraft, British Coastal Command Liberator E547, on which he was Co-Pilot. 
Photo of the Runnymede memorial from the Commonwealth War Graves Commission. 

Roy photo
RAAF 442345 
Pilot Officer. 21 Squadron, then ARD Squadron 
Family album photos and CD 

Joy Hughes 
Photo of B-24 'Brewery Bomber'. show photo

Edwin Incigneri 
Leading Aircraftsman 118780 RAAF. 
Certificate of Service and Discharge. 

Brian Jackson 
Box of photos. Mainly of the arrival of the fuselage at Werribee, November 1995 
Death Notices. 

C.R. Johnson D.F.C. 
B-24 air-to-air photos 

Maurice Jones. 
Crew photo of A72-56, Article written for B-24 Squadrons Association newsletter, and photocopies of log book. 
See also crew photo here:-show photo Maurice Jones is fourth from the left. 

Tim Kitching 
Box of assorted photos of restoration progress and fund events. 

Thomas Laucke 
VHS Video of parts collected 
Library Cabinet B2 Box 4 

Albury Lawrence 
Folder of photocopied photos. Darwin raids, crashed Liberators, etc. 

Geoff LePage 
Five ship formation. show photo
A72-138. show photo

Bill Mackie 
Envelope of photos 
23 Squadron Liberator air-to-air. Darwin, August 1945. show photo
23 Squadron, Darwin August 1945. Pre-flight checking aircraft for S/Ldr Cupper. show photo
23 Squadron, Darwin August 1945. Air-to-air of four Liberators. show photo
23 Squadron Liberators over Darwin, August 1945. Air-to-air of a six-ship formation. Camera ship flown by S/Ldr David Miller. show photo

L.C. Marsh 
Flying Officer RAAF A430387 
Wireless Operator 215 Squadron, RAF Digri, India 
Photograph of oil painting by Sir Wlliam Dargie. show photo
L.C. Marsh is on the extreme right in the front row of this photo

Basil 'Frank' Martin 
RAAF 955465 
List of postings 
Two articles from The Catalina News by Frank Martin about his experiences in Catalinas. 

Middleton Ian George. 
RAAF 424779, F/O. 
Memories of my years in the RAAF and RAF 1942-1945. 
show photo
Book by Ian Middleton. 

Miller N.H. 
RAAF 145721, AC 1. (Aircraftsman First Class). 
Book of handwritten notes from an engine course. 
468 Course, No 1 E.S.(Engineering School). RAAF, Ascot Vale 
Location:- In the safe. 

Nevell McPhee 
Four photocopies of B-24 photos. 

Cecil A. photo
Crew training in Canada. W/O Morris on the photo
W/O. Wireless Operator/ Air Gunner. 
List of postings:- 99 Squadron RAF. SEAC. Served England, Burma and Boundary Bay AFB Canada. 

Bill photo
Preparing to load a B-24 with 1000lb. bombs with the crew fully dressed for the occasion. Bill Morse is in the black footy shorts. 

Obst E.A 
5724 RAAF. Flight Engineer. 
Original Log Book covering 8th December 1944 to 28th October 1945, including operations in the Pacific. 
Location:- Held in the safe. 

Janet Obuch : Her father, left of photo. show photo
Polish C-47 

Gordon Orchard 
RAAF 400732 
Photocopies Service Record. 
show photo
show photo
Photocopies of Logbook. 
show photo
show photo
show photo
show photo
show photo
show photo
show photo
show photo
show photo
show photo

Richard F. (Dick) Overheu 
RAAF Service History of Sqn. Ldr. Richard F. Overheu DFC & Bar, U.S. Presidential Citation. 

Robert John (Bob) Paeth 
Order of memorial Service 

Jack Palmer 
Notes and Checklists 

Bob Percy 
RAAF 51067 and A36363. 
Article from 'RAAF News' 
Photocopy of log book. 
Serial No. ZE-32-043 
Date Published:- November 1942 

The following photos are in Bob Percy's possesion. 

No. 6 Course at East Sale, late 1944. 
Back row:- F/O N.B. Lewis, F/S P.L. Mallard, Sgt R.V. Dennis, Sgt N.J. Davis, Lac R.F. Collins, F/L A.W. Archer (Captain), W/O K.W. Black, W/O A.D. Picton, Sgt K.A. Davis, Sgt P.F. Thomas, Sgt J.F. Dawson. 
Second row:- Sgt L.J. Hoskins, Sgt M.A. Howie, Sgt E.A. Hill, Sgt R.J. Walker, F/O T.L. Murray-Prior, F/O D. Campbell (Captain), FR/O C.W. Boyd, W/O R.W. Enright, Lac W.T. Diamond, Sgt F.H. Bollman, W/O A. McKie. 
Third row:- Sgt B.J. Burke, Sgt F.M. O'Loughlin, P/O K.A. Barton, Sgt A.R. Baxter, F/L V.J. Allen (Captain), F/O A.J.K. Walker, Sgt J. Gozzard, Sgt F.H. Pratt, Sgt J.I. Cassidy. 
Forth row:- Sgt R.A. Brown, W/O T.E. Offord, Sgt H.W. Wilson, W/O A.W. Farmer, P/O H.J. Barber, F/L B.S. Brown (Captain), P/O R.D. Hatch, Sgt D.H. Miller, Sgt R.J. Towir, Sgt J.L. Gilbert, Lac B.R. Day. 
Front row:- Sgt H.L.A. Houstein, F/O R.J. Gardiner, F.O D. McL. Robertson, Sgt W.J. Wardman, F/O M. Sheehy, F/L E.L. Anderson (Captain), F/O K.G. Bielenberg, Sgt W.H. Park, Sgt E.A. Morgan, Lac F.G. Pollard, Sgt P.C. Madden. show photo

No. 6 Course at East Sale, late 1944. 
Back row:- Sgt F.L.Rollings, Sgt H. Shadford, Sgt L. Rogers, Sgt P.J.F. Stanley, F/S M.A. Burrows, S/L J.R.W. Redman (Captain), F/L L.D. Crowther, Sgt J.O.R. Vickers, Sgt R. Tapper, Sgt R.M. Cornelius. 
Second row:- Sgt J.R. Lawson, Sgt R.I. Garrick, Lac H.G. Tonkin, Sgt C.T. Barbour, F/L W.R. Rosevear (Captain), F/O J.O. Hall, Sgt R.J. Ridge, F/S A.T.A. Nelleman, Sgt T.M. Miller, P/O J. Larkin. 
Third row:- Sgt C.N. Nichol, F/S A. Cook, Sgt F.G.V. Hutton, Lac R.H (Bob) Percy, W/O J.J. Hume, F/O I.J. Hanson (Captain), Sgt B.M. Heslin, Sgt J.V. Orgill, Sgt S.P. Cloake, Sgt W.J. Maxwell, F/S G.G. Lindley. 
Forth row:- Sgt J.J. Stanley, F/S H.R. Bardwell, Sgt J. Butler, W/O W.B. Franklin, P/O C. Cobban, G/C D. McLean (Captain), Sgt A.J. Stuart, Sgt J.H. Gillman, P/O R.E. Percival, Lac D.L. Martin, Sgt K.A. Gibson. 
Front row:- Sgt R.D. Slaney, Sgt J.A. Wilson, Sgt G.N. Winnett, Sgt C.H. Miller, P/O A.H. Cerini, F/L G.A. Taylor (Captain), P/O D.P. James, Sgt J.E. Gill, Lac R.M. Ward, F/S J. W. Williams, Sgt H.S. Inglis. show photo

No. 6 Course at East Sale, late 1944. 
Back row:- Sgt F.J. Naughton, Sgt R. Higginbottom, Sgt K.W. Uhr, F/S C.E.E. Verey, Sgt C.R. Taylor, F/O F.L. Hannah (Captain), F/L C.L. Taylor, Lac C. McTernan, Sgt R.T.J. Johnson, Sgt K.G. Leroy, F/S F.G. Coman. 
Second row:- Sgt G.C. Ware, Sgt R.A. Oliver, Sgt D.S. Atchison, Sgt R.N. Hockings, F/O A.W. Martin, F/O C.W. Boynton (Captain), F/S P.A. Coach, Lac L. Murray, W/O B.H. Armstrong, Sgt R.G. Plunkett, Sgt V.J. McKenzie. 
Third row:- F/O A.T. Lang, Lac B.D. Sparkman, Sgt J. Conle, P/O L.J. Bullen, Sgt S.N. Lundy, F/O M.D. McNally (Captain), Sgt W.G. Lawrence, Sgt A.M. Lubke, Sgt I.S. Crowe, W/O J. Allan, Sgt E.J. Chinner. 
Front row:- F/O B. Moon, Sgt R.R. Easton, W/O S.A. Morehouse, F/O E.T. Hart, Lac R.T. Smith, F/O P.N.M. McNab (Captain), F/S K.F. Dent, Sgt F.T. Kerrick, Sgt D.W. McLeod, Sgt T.A. Kelly, W/O B. Bowell. show photo

No. 6 Course at East Sale, late 1944. 
Back row:- Sgt M.J. Sheogg, Sgt L.B.F. Thomas, Lac D.H. Glen, F/S W.M. Munt, W/O J.L. Duboulay, F/L H. Dalby (Captain), P/O R.G. Rice, Sgt G.F.E Fargher, P/O W.H. Hunt, P/O H.G.L. Cook, Sgt J.J. Robinson. 
Second row:- Sgt J.A. West, Sgt R.K. Hubbard, Lac R.H. Mouritzen, Sgt P. Robertson, F/O J.A. Nelson, F/O W.W. Evans, F/S D.N. Chandler, Sgt B.C. Wilcox, Sgt N.A. Waycott, Sgt G.A. Crookston, Sgt W.F. Weller. 
Third row:- Sgt J.R.V. Herps, Sgt D.D. Benson, F/O F.L. Sismey (Captain), W/O T.N. Rust, Sgt J.A. Hollis, Lac L. Duncanson, Sgt L.M. Bailey, Sgt T.W. Allen. 
Front row:- Sgt R.J. O'Brien, W/O D.J. Price, F/O T. Worsley, P/O J.J. Moore, P/O C.J. Benjamin, F/L J.F. Casalegno (Captain), Lac K.B. Drewett, Sgt J.E. Bigelow, Sgt E.R. Glenn, Sgt A.C. Jones, F/S J.M.W. Brown. show photo

Ken Hansen and crew behind their hut after the last training flight at No 7 OTU, Tocumwal, 19/12/1944. Bob Percy is third from the right in the back row. show photo

S/L Gus Greenfield and crew at Fenton, N.T., ready for their first operational trip. Bob Percy is fourth from the right, on loan from Ken Hanson's crew. show photo

Michael Vincent Peterson 
RAAF 74628 
Certificate of Service and Discharge 
Leave Pass and handwritten notes from a hydraulics course 

Geoffrey Charles photo
RAAF 410373 
159 Wing at Salbani. 
356 Wing at Cocos Island. 

Alan Poynton 
Photo of board with Airspeed Oxford specifications. 

Vern Roberts,show photo
24 Squadron ground crew, Fenton. Late 1944 or early photo
Vern Roberts is kneeling in the middle of the front row and wearing a slouch hat. 

Russell (Buck) photo
RAAF 58413 
In Warrant Officer's uniform, photo
Ball turret gunner in Charlie Lister's crew. Second from left in front photo
Demonstrating a ball turret at Avalon Air Show, nearly sixty years later!show photo
Monograph of activites, two copies. 
A Twenty Year Old's War. Written by Russell Rogers. 

Arthur Reynolds 
Member of the first Australian crew to fly Liberators 
Newspaper cutting and covering letter. 

H.D. Scott 
Warrant Officer A30623 RAAF, Digri, India. 
Photo of an oil painting by Sir William photo
H.D. Scott is on the extreme left of the back row in this photo

Dave Sieber 
Sgt Dave Sieber on the waist gun of a photo

With 23 photo
F/O Keith Craig (bomb aimer). F/Lt Ted McDowall (WAG). F/Lt Bill Vine (2nd pilot). S/Ldr M. Findlayson (captain). F/Lt Eddie East (WAG). F/Lt Allan Underwood 
(mid-upper gunnery leader). W/O Eric Speering (navigator). 
Front row:- F/Sgt Ned Ward (flight engineer). F/Sgt Dave Sieber (Front Gunner). Sgt Jim Murray (ball Gunner). Sgt Frank Keamy (tail gunner). Copy of photo supplied by Dave Sieber. 

With 380 Bomb photo
Back Row:- Sqd/Ldr John Finlayson, Captain. F/O Eddie East, Wireless Op. W/O Sperring, Navigator. F/Sgt Ned Ward, Engineer. F/Lt McDowell, Wireless Op. Sgt D. Sieber, Front Gunner. 
Front Row:- F/Lt Underwood, Mid Upper Gunner. F/Lt Vine, Co-Pilot. Sgt Kearney, Tail Gunner. F/Lt Craig, Bombardier. 

Flt/Sgt Bill Vine at rear, Sgt Jim Murray in photo

Dave Sieber on left with Jim Murray. Taken March 2005, 60 years on!.show photo

Laurie Size 
RAAF 627815 
Photocopy of log book. 
Photocopies of maps of Indo-China. (Vietnam) 

Joseph 'Tom' Smith 
Order of memorial Service 

Brian R. Southwell 
RAAF 402261 
Course Notes from B-24 Flying School 
Smyrna, Tennesee, USA. June 1944 
Library Cabinet B2 Box 2 

Alan Stevenson 
RAAF 402923 
One Man's War 
ISBN 0-646-03064-7 
Published 1991 

Les Stewart 
In photo
21 Squadron crew photo. Les Stewart is 2nd from left, front photo

Harry Stroud 
Photo of A72-64 ' Sweet Takeoff ', 24 Squ. RAAF, attached to 65 Squ. ASAAF, 43rd Bomber Group, 5th Air Force. Later part of 380th Bomb Group - The Flying Circus, 1944. 
Photo taken at Nadzab, New Guinea after strike over Rabaul, 1944. Harry Stroud walking towards truck. 

Kevin Swain 
Crash critique on the ditching of B-24J Liberator A72-348 
Copy of a newspaper article detailing Kevin Swain's experiences with the Liberator and the Restoration Fund. 

Max Taylor 
Extracts from log book. 

John Temby 
Our current Vice-President and past President in uniform. Probably photo

Max Thomas 
Two silk maps of the Celebes and general Indonesian areas. 
Folder of assorted photos. 
B-24 crew. show photo
Back Row: Mid-upper Gunner, Navigator, Rear Gunner, Flight engineer. 
Centre row: Pilot, Radio Operator, Captain (oldest, age 23), Copilot. 
Front Row: Ball Gunner, Wireless Operator/Gunner, Nose Gunner. 

Paul Thomas 
R.A.A.F photo
Bomb Aimer. 25 Squadron, City of Perth Squadron and volunteer on the B-24 Restoration Fund. 
A72-89. Paul Thomas was Bomb Aimer in this photo
Paul Thomas was Bomb Aimer in Alan Archer's crew and is second from the photo
Log Book is in display cabinet. 
Scrap book of cuttings and magazine articles. Held in Library Cabinet B2 Box 17. 

Jack Thompson 
Copy of 'The Blue Orchids' including an article about 102 squadron Liberators at Cecil Plains. 

Ronald J. Towe 
Air Gunner. 
Aged 19 in photo
At Wagga Wagga in 1943. Ronal Towe is third from the left in the back photo

Howard Wilson (Wilson) Turnbull 
Memorial Service program. 

Edgar Walsh 
Envelope of photocopies of articles on the 'airmans cross' cloud phenomena and many miscellaneous cuttings. 

Ian Wanless 
show photo
show photo
Photos taken over Essendon during Victory Air Pageant 1/9/1945 

Rex photo
Corporal, 57746. Fenton, 1945. 

Llewellyn Wettenhall 
RAAF 400109 
The salvage of his aircraft 

Don York 
Letter and two photos, 
one of nose art on 'Miss Behaven'