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Crew Photographs

Crew Photographs

Any help with identifying unknown persons in these photographs would be much appreciated.
Photos are in alphabetical order by the name of the aircraft Captain.

Vesy Allen, 25 Sqd. Cunderdin, WA. show photo
L-R:- Sgt 'Lockie' O'Loughlin, Nose Gunner. Sgt Cassidy. LAC A. Burns,Engineer/Fitter. F/O Ken A. Barton, 1st wireless Op. F/O Alex J. Walker, Navigator. F/Lt Vesey J. Allen, Captain. F/Lt Ron R. alcock, Co-Pilot. Sgt Andy Burke, Bomb Aimer. Sgt Jim Gozzard, Mid-Upper Gunner. Sgt Scotty Pratt, Tail Gunner. Sgt A.R. 'Sandy' Baxter, 2nd WOP.

F/Lt Ted Anderson. show photo
Back Row:- F/Sgt Morgan, F/Sgt Parkes, F/Sgt Wardman, F/Sgt Pollard, F/Sgt Wadden, F/Sgt Houstein.
Front Row:- F/O Sheehy, F/Lt Ken Bielenberg, F/Lt Ted Anderson, F/Lt Robertson.
Location:- B-24 Liberator Squadrons Newsletter November 1994 in Library Cabinet B2 Box 5.

W.R. Anderson from the Australian War Memorial photo
Digri, Bengal, India. 1944-11-28. Group portrait of some of the RAAF members in No. 159 (Liberator) Squadron RAF of Eastern Air Command's Strategic Air Force, operating in India, beside the aircraft nicknamed 'Black Swan'. This unit has more Australians on strength than any other unit, but all are not shown.
Back Row:- Warrant Officer (WO) H. D. Scott of Launceston, Tas; WO W. G. Hazard of Lower Ferntree Gully, Vic; WO S. J. Gregory of Granville, NSW; WO R. D. Tyndall of Shepparton, Vic; WO A. L. Baker of Wagga, NSW; WO J. W. Gribble of Abbotsford, Vic; Pilot Officer W. R. Anderson of North Perth, WA; WO A. R. O'Malley of Elizabeth Bay, NSW; WO L. M. Peerman of Paddington, Qld; Flight Sergeant (Flt Sgt) C. Fristrom of Caloundra, Qld; Pilot Officer L. A. Hendy of Elwood, Vic; Flying Officer (FO) A. J. Beattie of Tallangatta, Vic; FO C. Bowden of Indooroopilly, Qld; Flt Sgt J. V. Shillito of Murchison, Vic; WO C. R. Delaine of Winkie, SA; FO V. E. Willing of Rose Bay, NSW.
Front Row:- WO K. R. Weller of Thornleigh, NSW; FO S. J. Smith of Moss Vale, NSW; Flt Sgt J. P. Donnellan of Kelmscott, SA; Flt Sgt A. L. P. Fisher of Queens Park, WA; WO W. H. Wheeler of Bellevue Hill, NSW; WO K. Brandon of Eagle Junction, Qld; WO A. R. Williams of Richmond River, NSW; WO R. K. Davey of Swan Hill, Vic; FO W. R. Wright of Walkerville, SA; Flt Sgt F. G. Barclay of Mortdale, NSW; Flt Sgt R. M. Edwards of Portland, Vic; FO L. Marsh of East Coburg, Vic.Back Row:- F/O K. Clifton-Dobing DFM, F/Eng. F/Sgt K. Patten, WAG. F/Lt W. Andrews, Co-Pilot. F/Lt Roy Beattie DFM, Captain. F/Sgt L. Devereux, Air Gunner. F/Sgt A. Hogg, Air Gunner. F/Lt H. Stroud, Navigator

Alan Archer. 25 Squadron. A72-137 at Cunderdin, WA, January photo
L-R: 'Junior' Dawson, Radio Op./Ball Turret Gunner. Paul Thomas, Bombardier. Paul Mallard, Co-Pilot. 'Snow' Picton, Radio Op. Ron Collins, Flt. Eng. Alan Archer, Skipper. 'Inkspot' Black, Radio Op. Norm Davis, Top Gunner. Neville Lewis DFM, Navigator. Dick Dennis, Tail Gunner. Keith Davey, Nose Gunner.

Wing Commander Alan archer and crew on a Dodge Command Car. Taken at Corunna Downs, 27/4/1945 prior to strike on Sourabaya, photo

Captain Frank Ball 200 Special Duties Flight, Leyburn, Queensland. show photo
Back Row L to R. Doc Penny, WAG (wireless operator, gunner). Tich Reeves, WAG. Harry Mann, WAG. Bill McKenzie, Nose Gunner. Tex Hawkins, Mid Upper Gunner. Gerry Walmsley, Tail Gunner.
Front Row L to R. Flt Lt Frank Ball, Captain. Tiggy Armitage, 2nd Pilot. Lloyd Gibson, 3rd Pilot. Ted Gately, Engineer. Dick Horne, Navigator. Roy Dunlop, Bomb Aimer.

F/Lt 'Gib' Barrett. show photo
F/O V.A. Watt (WAG). FR/O K.A. Duff (navigator). F/O S. Heldon (WAG). F/LtJ. St Q Barrett (captain).
F/O S.V. Hillman (2nd pilot). F/O F.H. Jones (air gunner). F/O E.C. Darby (bomb aimer).
Front row:- F/Sgt C.R. Crittenden (flight engineer). F/Sgt O. Maguire (air gunner). F/Sgt O.H. Presland (air gunner).

Roy Beattie. show photo
Back Row:- F/O K. Clifton-Dobing DFM, F/Eng. F/Sgt K. Patten, WAG. F/Lt W. Andrews, Co-Pilot. F/Lt Roy Beattie DFM, Captain. F/Sgt L. Devereux, Air Gunner. F/Sgt A. Hogg, Air Gunner. F/Lt H. Stroud, Navigator
Front Row:- F/Sgt D. Featherstone, Air Gunner. F/Lt D. Hocking, Bombardier. F/Lt D. Willet, W/Op. F/Sgt L. Sapwell, Air Gunner.

Keith Bielenberg. Unfortunately, I have none of the names. show photo
The aircraft is A72-320 from 12 Squadron and was called 'Target For Delight'. The nose art explains why!

Ken Bowman and crew of photo
F/O C. Thomas, Radio Operator. F/Lt Brownley, Mid Upper Gunner. F/O K.J. Burns, Navigator. F/Sgt M.L. Jones, Ball Turret Gunner. Sgt R Siddons, Tail Gunner. F/Sgt H. McRae, F/Engineer. F/O A.W. McRae DFM, Bomb Aimer. S/Ldr K. Bowman, Captain. Sgt L. Wentworth, Nose Gunner. Army Officer. Army Officer. P/O R. Speet, Co-Pilot.
Location:- Library draw J for Maurice Jones.

Ken Bowman. show photo
Back Row:- F/O R.A. Alderton, Tail Gunner. F/O C. Thomas, Radio Op. F/Lt L. Bromley, Mid Upper Gunner. F/Sgt M. Jones, Ball Turret. F/Sgt H. McRae, Flight Engineer. Sgt I. Wentworth, Nose Gunner.
Front Row:- F/O K.J. Burns, Navigator. S/Ldr K.G. Bowman, Captain. P/O R. Speet, 2nd Pilot. F/O A.W. McRae DFM, Bomb Aimer.
Location:- B-24 Liberator Squadrons Newsletter May 1995 in Library Cabinet B2 Box 5.

F/Lt R. Bowman. show photo
W/O F.L. Cornell, Sgt J. McBain, F/Sgt J.D. Campbell, F/O P. Moore, F/O K.A. Vivian, Sgt P.S. Squires, F/Sgt R.J. Sullivan.
Front row:- W/O D.H. Whitehead, F/Lt R. Bowman (captain), F/O A.E. Carter, Sgt R.J. Lovell.

Don Campbell in front of A72-318. show photo
Back row:- F/Sgt Herb Behlman, 3rd W/O. F/Sgt Bill Diamond, Flt/Eng. W/O Jack Enright, 2nd W/O. F/O Don Campbell, Captain. F/L Tim Murray-Prior D.F.C., Nav. F/O Arthur Boyd, 2nd Pilot. F/Sgt Bob Walker, Bomb Aimer.
Front Row;- F/Sgt Ted Hill, Tail Gunner. F/Sgt Max Howie, Mid-Upper Gunner. F/O Paddy McKee, 1st W/O. F/Sgt Les Hoskins, Nose Gunner.
Location:- ring binder labelled 'B-24 Historic Photograph' in Library Cabinet B2 Box 11

Keith Chapman. show photo
Back row:- Max Thomas (Radio Operator), Arthur Norris (WAG), Peter Henderson (Top Gunner), Bruce Neal (Nose Gunner), Merv Fletcher (Tail Gunner), Harold Corben (Engineer), John Warwick (Ball Gunner).
Front Row;- Arthur Ward (Navigator), Keith Chapman (Skipper), Theo Rutter (Co-Pilot), Bob Brown (Bombardier).

F/Lt Christensen, 25 Squadron, No 13 Radar Course, 14th May 1945, at 7 OTU, Tocumwal show photo
L to R:- F/Lt Christensen, Captain. F/Sgt Thompson, 2nd Pilot. Sgt Fitzgerald, Flight Engineer. F/O Dorman, Navigator. F/O Giffard, Bomb Aimer. W/O Broughton, 1st WOP. P/O Larbalester, Radar Op. W/O Keysell, Ball Gunner. F/Sgt Altmann, Nose Gunner. F/Sgt Hamon, Top Gunner. F/Sgt Willison, Tail Gunner.
Location:- B-24 Liberator Squadrons Newsletter February 1996 in Library Cabinet B2 Box 5.

Roger Court and crew being briefed at Moratai, June 1945 for a raid on Borneo.I have their names but not their positions in the photo. show photo
Group includes Roger Court, Captain. Russ Brooks, Bomb Aimer. Bill Randall, Gunner. Bill Storey, Tail Gunner. Dave Johnson, WAG. Peter Roussea, Nose Gunner. Col Henry, WAG. Bob Brown, Flt/Eng. Frank Dean, Ball Gunner. Harry Seymour, Navigator and Ron McLeod, Co-Pilot.
Location:- B-24 Liberator Squadrons Newsletter October 1993 in Library Cabinet B2 Box 5.

Ray Cupper and photo
Back Row:- F/O Lloyd Coles, F/O John Prince, S/Ldr Ray Cupper, F/O Ted Gardiner, Sgt John Cush, F/O Bill Mackie.
Front Row:- Sgt Holder, Sgt Bruce Lenehan, W/O Don Drew, F/Sgt Selwyb Baker, Sgt John Demmery.

Ray Cupper in front of A72-94. show photo
F/O Bill Mackie (bomb aimer). F/Sgt Joe Holder (flight engineer). F/Sgt Jack Demmery (tail gunner). F/O John Prince (2nd pilot). S/Ldr Ray Cupper ( captain). F/O Lloyd Coles (1st WAG). F/O Ted Gardiner (air gunner).
Front row:- W/O Don Drew (WAG, mid-upper turret and gunnery leader). F/Sgt Sel Baker (navigator). Sgt John Cush (ball turret). F/Sgt Bruce Lenehan (front turret) and Ray's brother F/Lt Ken Cupper as passenger.

Lloyd Davis at Fenton, 21st April 1945. show photo
Back Row:- W/O Terry Cloonan, Wireless Op. Sgt Rex Gallagher, Radar WAG. Sgt Clive Fairbairn, Nose Genner. Sgt 'Trigger' Trigwell, Tail Gunner. F/Sgt Don Gilham, Flight Engineer. F/Sgt Jack Hartley, Ball Gunner.
Front Row:- Sgt Jim O'Brien, Navigator. F/Sgt Clyde Johnston, 2nd Pilot. W/C Lloyd Davis, Captain. F/Sgt Perc Grant, 3rd Pilot. F/Sgt Jack Gendle, Bomb Aimer.
Location:- B-24 Liberator Squadrons Newsletter February 1996 in Library Cabinet B2 Box 5.

Terry Duigan. 60 missions. Port Moresby, Darwin, Fenton, Truscott, photo
Location:- ring binder labelled 'B-24 Historic Photograph' in Library Cabinet B2 Box 11

Terry Duigan's 21 squadron aircraft's ground crew at photo

W/Cdr Arch Dunne. show photo
F/Lt Fred Barry Brown, F/Lt A.B. 'Buck' Buchanan, F/Lt A.M. 'Monty' Yeomans (2nd pilot), W/Cdr R.A. Dunne DFC (captain), S/Ldr Sid Linehan (bomb aimer). F/O John Jamison (navigator). F/O R.E. Hensel.
Front row:- F/Sgt Ed Griffin, F/Sgt R.B. 'Smithy' Smith, F/Sgt Percy Clegg, Tommy ?.
Location:- Blue binder labelled "Cupper's Crew" in Cabinet B2 Box 16.

F/L Keith Emmett, 200 Special Duty Flight. show photo
Back Row:- F/L Keith Emmett, Captain. F/O Ernie Theyer, 2nd Pilot. F/O Sheehan. Sgt Laurie Starr, Flight Engineer. F/O John Graham, Navigator. F/O Reg Taylor, Bombardier.
Front Row:- F/O Rod Taylor, WAG Radar. W/O Ralph Proudlock, WAG Radar. W/O Phil Cormack, WOP. F/Sgt John Anderson, Nose Gunner. W/O Ernie Shorter, Mid upper Gunner. Sgt Owen Davern, Tail Gunner.
Location:- B-24 Liberator Squadrons Newsletter February 1995 in Library Cabinet B2 Box 5.

John Finlayson. show photo
Back Row:- Sqd/Ldr John Finlayson, Captain. F/O Eddie East, Wireless Op. W/O Sperring, Navigator. F/Sgt Ned Ward, Engineer. F/Lt McDowell, Wireless Op. Sgt D. Sieber, Front Gunner.
Front Row:- F/Lt Underwood, Mid Upper Gunner. F/Lt Vine, Co-Pilot. Sgt Kearney, Tail Gunner. F/Lt Craig, Bombardier.
Location:- Library Cabinet Drawer S. Under Dave Sieber.

S/Ldr. Mickey Findlayson. show photo
F/O Keith Craig (bomb aimer). F/Lt Ted McDowall (WAG). F/Lt Bill Vine (2nd pilot). S/Ldr M. Findlayson (captain). F/Lt Eddie East (WAG). F/Lt Allan Underwood
(mid-upper gunnery leader). W/O Eric Speering (navigator).
Front row:- F/Sgt Ned Ward (flight engineer). F/Sgt Dave Sieber (Front Gunner). Sgt Jim Murray (ball Gunner). Sgt Frank Keamy (tail gunner). Copy of photo supplied by Dave Sieber.

F/L Eric Ford. show photo
Back Row:- Flt/Sgt J. Waddell. Flt/Sgt L. Rhine. Flt/Sgt K.J. White. Sgt W.T. Sayer. W/O C.G. Vickers. F/O B.T. Jordan. F/L E.V.Ford.
Front Row:- W/O N.A. Drury. Flt/Sgt I. Faichne. W/O A.N.J. Collins. F/L W. Laing.
Location:- B-24 Liberator Squadrons Newsletter October 1993 in Library Cabinet B2 Box 5.

Captain: F/LT A W Fraser Show Photo SGT A W Parsons (FLT Engineer), F/SGT K Johnson (Wireless Op./Air Gunner), F/SGT W Stott (Wireless Op/Air Gunner), F/LT A W Fraser (Pilot), F/SGT L C Heiser (Navigator), F/SGT E A Mincham (Wireless Op/Air Gunner), SGT H J Oliver (Co Pilot)

F/Lt Lex Halliday. show photo
F/O A.E. Holloway (2nd pilot). F/Lt W. Cordingley (bomb aimer). F/Lt L. Halliday (captain). F/Lt A.H. Gawler (navigator). Sgt F.J. Mathias (flight engineer).
Front row:- W/O N.L. Alcock (WAG). Sgt J.F. Piggott (tail gunner). F/Lt C.E. Liefman (mid-upper gunner). Sgt O.G. Barrell (nose gunner). Sgt J.J. Hinter (ball gunner). (absent: F/Lt L. Badman WAG).

W/Co John Hampshire. show photo
L to R:- F/Sgt Shorty Norris, Ball Gunner. W/O Arch Wallis, Flight Engineer. W/O Monty Oakes, Nose Gunner. P/O Paul Gardiner, Co-Pilot. F/Ltd Bob Gilder, Bombardier. W/Cdr John Hampshire DFC, Captain. F/Lt 'Hans' Anderson, Navigator. W/O Ken 'Puss' Gillieatt, Radio Operator. F/Lt Arthur Smith, Top Turret. Sgt Len Bradley, Armourer/Air Gunner. W/O Len 'Spot' Cochrane, 2nd Radio Operator.
Location:- B-24 Liberator Squadrons Newsletter November 1994 in Library Cabinet B2 Box 5.

Group Captain John Hampshire. Post War in 25 Squadron, Cunderdin, W.A., 1945. show photo

F/O Alan Hawkesford DFC. show photo
Back Row:- F/O Fred Nielson, 2nd WOP. F/O John Davidson, Navigator. F/O Alan Hawkesford DFC, Captain. F/O Martin McGregor, Gunnery Leader. Sgt Gordon Ashcroft, F/Eng. F/O Jim Swan, Co-Pilot.
Front Row:- Sgt Ted Atkinson, Nose Gunner. F/O Martin McDonald, WAG. Sgt Max France, Tail Gunner. F/Sgt Bob Emmett, Bomb Aimer.
Location:- B-24 Liberator Squadrons Newsletter April 2006 in Library Cabinet B2 Box 5.

Mickey Jaques at Dobadura, February 1944. show photo
Back Row:- Sgt hylton Middleton, WAG. Sgt Jack Nasser, Nose Gunner. Sgt Marty Koefed, Flight Engineer. Sgt Des Litchfield, WAG. Sgt Angus Gregg, WAG. Sgt Lionel Hogg, Top Gunner.
Front Row:- F/O Jack O'Keefe, Navigator. F/Lt Mickey Jaques, Captain. F/O Dan McKernan, Co-Pilot. F/O Bob Deam, Bomb Aimer.
Location:- B-24 Liberator Squadrons Newsletter September 1996 in Library Cabinet B2 Box 5.

F/L Ray Kelly, A72-99 show photo
Back Row:- F/O Maurice (Morrie) Hennessy, Navigator. F/O Lance Woodland, Flt/Eng. F/L Ray Kelly, Captain. F/O Arthur Dawson, 2nd Pilot. F/O Ray Arthur, 2nd Radio Op. F/L Jack Potter, Bomb Aimer. F/O John Clark 1st Radio Op.
Front Row:- F/O Scotty Dalrymple, Tail Gunner. F/Sgt Keith Kemp, Ball Turret Gunner. P/O Ken Stewart, Top Turret Gunner. F/Sgt Ossie Fry, Nose Gunner.
Location:- B-24 Liberator Squadrons Newsletter June 1992 in Library Cabinet B2 Box 5.

Kevin Kilgariff's crew in front of tent. show photo
From 'Liberator A72.54, Morotai, July 1945, 24 Squadron, 82 Wing attached to 1 T.A.F.pov [sic] Borneo Campaigns' as written by Rod McDonald.
Back Row:- Geoff Stone, Front Gunner; Ken Sadlier, Ball Gunner; Ken Davey, Top Gunner; Kevin Kilgariff, Skipper; Doug Pearce, Rear Gunner; Frank Hale, Engineer.
Front Row:- Bruce Thomas, 2nd Pilot; George Evans, W/op; Harry Rixon, Navigator; Matt Houston, W/op; Butch, our Mong; Rod McDonald, Bombaimer.

Kevin Kilgariff's crew beside the 'Northern Terrier', words by Rod McDonald, Bombaimer. show photo
July 1945, Morotai Island Halmaheras. Norneo invasion 24 Squadron RAAF 82 Wing B-24 Liberators 4 Engine Bombers flying over Timor, Dutch East Indies (Indonesia) Halmaheras & Borneo.
Back Row:- George Evans, W/op; Ken Davey, Top Gunner; Bruce Thomas, Co-Pilot; Doug Pearce, Rear Gunner; Frank Hale, Engineer; Kevin Kilgariff, Skipper; Geoff Stone, Front Gunner.
Front Row:- Ken Sadlier, Ball Gunner; Harry Rixon, Navigator; Rod McDonald, Bombaimer; Bob Houston, W/op, missing took photo.

Derek Kingwell and the crew that destroyed Kali Tonto power photo
From left:- M.W. Lewis, G.A. Bond, S.J. Nichol, E.T. James, P.T. Turner, A. Steele, J. Holliday, D.W. Kingwell, ?. Hagan, in front - R.L. Baker.

Dereck photo
From left:- Sgt Bruce Smith, Flight Engineer. Sgt Jack Holliday, Nose Gunner. F/O Dave Barrett, Co-Pilot. Gp. Capt. Dereck Kingwell, Pilot. F/O Ted Jones, Bomb Aimer. F/L Stan Nichol, Navigator. F/L Fred Chester, Gunnery Leader. F/O George Bond, Radio Op. Sgt Mal Lewis, Ball Gunner. Sgt Tod Baker, Tail Gunner.

Dereck photo
From left:- S/L Stan Nichol, Navigator. Grp. Cap. Dereck Kingwell, Captain. F/L Peter Turner, Co-pilot. F/O Ted Jones, Bombardier.
Location:- ring binder labelled 'B-24 Historic Photograph' in Library Cabinet B2 Box 11

William (Bill) Kirkwood and crew besides photo
Left to right:- Rod McAskill, mid-upper gunner. Jack Fuller, nose gunner. Alf Chandler, navigator. Fred Shilcock, co-pilot. Bill Kirkwood, Captain. Kev Sloane, tail gunner. Gerry Fairy(?), 2nd wireless operator. Pat Small, ball gunner. Peter Duncan, 1st wireless operator. Dick Philips, bombardier. (Absent, Trev Rowley).
Location:- Library Drawer K, under Kirkwood.

Bill Kirkwood and crew besides A72-54 after returning from successful raid on Siman power station. 27th January photo
Standing L to R:- Sgt R.A. McAskill, F/O P.M. Duncan, Sgt W.T. Rowley, F/Lt A. Chandler, F/Lt W. Kirkwood, Sgt W.J. Fuller, F/Sgt G.A. Farey, Sgt K.J. Sloane, Sgt P.M. Small.
Seated L to R:- F/Sgt F.C. Shilcock, W/O R.H. Phillips.

Bill Kirkwood. This photo was in with Bill Kirkwood's other papers but has no identifying marks other than a date of photo and an photo
It may be the same crew as in the previous photo as the dates are only a week apart.

F/L Marty Law show photo
Back row:- John Bromwell, Norm Clarke, Eric Taafe, P. Madden, Geoff LePage.
Front Row:- Col Carney, Dave Allen, Marty Law, Malcolm Weeks, Bill Weeks.
Location:- ring binder labelled 'B-24 Historic Photograph' in Library Cabinet B2 Box 11

Charlie Lister show photo
Back Row:- F/Sgt J. White, 2nd WAG. W/O T. Mullett, Navigator. F/Lt C. Lister, Captain. P/O P. Parkinson, Co-Pilot. W/O H. Hillier, Bombardier. F/O B.E.D. Goose, 1st WAG.
Front Row:- Sgt R. Hill, Tail gunner. Sgt R. Rogers, Ball Gunner. W/O W. Horswood, F/Eng. F/Sgt C. Campbell, Nose Gunner. W/O D. Foord, Mid Upper Gunner.

Charlie Lister and crew, with the ground photo
Back Row:- W/O J.P. White (WAG), F/Sgt R.A. Hill (Tail Gunner), W/O E.A. Mullett (Navigator), F/Sgt R.L. Rogers (Ball Gunner), F/Lt C.T. Lister (Captain), F/Sgt G.A. Horswood (Flight Engineer), F/O P. Parkinson (2nd Pilot), F/O H.L. Edgoose (WAG), W/O H.J Hellier (Bomb Aimer), W/O A.D. Foord (Gunnery Leader), F/Sgt C.A. Campbell (Nose Gunner).
Front Row:- LAC J. Coburn, LAC ??, LAC B. Arundle, LAC D. Benning, LAC B. Rogan, LAC J.Davis, LAC T.Veal, LAC M. Gordon, LAC M. O'Connor, Cpl J. McLurg, LAC H. Lauder, LAC M. Cutmore.
Location:- Blue binder labelled "Cupper's Crew" in Library Cabinet B2 Box 16

'Gogs' Manning. show photo
Back Row: S/Ldr. A. Steele (Tail Turret). F/Lt. G. Weston (Co-Pilot). F/Lt. R. Arnold (Navigator). W/C. L.W. Manning DFC (Captain). F/Lt. J. Edkins. (Bombardier). F/Sgt. W. Cardwell. (Waist Gunner).
Front Row: F/O. D. Ayres (Tail Turret). F/Sgt. J. Donaho. (Radio Operator). F/Sgt. McArdle (Flight Engineer). F/O. P. Lynch (Nose Turret). F/Sgt. McAndrews (Ball Turret).

Colin photo
L - R:- F/Sgt 'Squizzy' Taylor, Nose Gunner. F/Sgt 'Link' Truslove, Mid Upper Gunner. W/O J. 'Muddy' Marshall, Bombardier. F/O D. Coome, Navigator. F/Sgt R. Backham, W/T Op. F/Lt C.J. McKenny, Pilot. F/Lt B. Elliot, 2nd Pilot. F/Sgt M. O'Keefe, Tail Gunner. W/O R. Jones, W/T Op. F/Sgt J. Butler, Ball Gunner. F/Sgt Wong Hoy, F/Engineer.
Location:- B-24 Liberator Squadrons Newsletter September 1998 in Library Cabinet B2 Box 5.

S/Ldr David Miller. show photo
W/O R.C. Chapman (WAG). W/O W.C. Price (WAG). W/O L.S. Ryan (2nd pilot). S/Ldr D.F. Miller AFC (captain). F/O C. McCallum (bomb aimer). F/O S.C. Kay (navigator).
Front row:- F/Sgt G.C. Roots (ball gunner). F/Sgt J.B. Benfield (nose gunner). F/Sgt P.J. Ellis (flight engineer). F/Sgt K.D. Crisp (tail gunner). F/O H.L. Davies (mid-upper and gunnery leader).

S/Ldr Lloyd Milne. show photo
Back row:- Sgt Annetts (Nose Gunner), Flt/Sgt Cockrane (Ball Gunner), Sgt Doolan (Radar), P/O Carmichael (Navigator), Flt/Ltd Harris (Second Pilot, Sgt Brown (Wireless), F/O Patterson DFC (Mid Upper Gunner).
Front row:- Sgt Lane (Tail Gunner), Flt/Sgt Clausen (Bomb Aimer), W/O Carlsen (Third Pilot), Flt/Sgt Watson (Engineer), S/L Milne (Captain).

Captain Don Moodie show photo
Back Row:- C. Gamble, Flt Eng. F. Swindley, Ball Turret. J. Borthwick, Bomb Aimer. D. Moodie, Captain. L. Rasmussen, Co-Pilot. A. Lodge, Wireless Operator.
Front Row:- R. Berrill, Tail Gunner. N. Eichler, Wireless Operator. J.Smith, Navigator. L. Elliot, Nose Gunner. R. McCord, Mid Upper Gunner

F/Lt Eldin Moore. show photo
Back row:- Don Smith, Vic Ruff, K. Essex, W. Barret, J. O'Shea .
Front row:- K. Robey, F/Lt Eldin Moore DFC, D. Fitzgerald, K. Kynaston.
Location:- B-24 Liberator Squadrons of Australia Newsletter. December 2002. Library Cabinet B2 Box 5.

Sven Nielsen and crew in front of A72-170. show photo
Back row:- Gordon Francey, W/Op. Ben Johnston, 2nd Pilot. Bill Queally, Radar Op. Alan Patterson, Navigator, Ted Camp, Mid-Upper Gunner.
Front row:- Arnold Cadd, Bomb Aimer. Mac McKenzie, Replacement Engineer. Wally Graves, Tail Gunner. Sven Nielsen, Captain.
Kneeling: Bert Cox, Radio Operator/Gunner. Ron Smith, Nose Gunner.
Location:- Library Cabinet Shelf C for Bert Cox.

Sven Nielsen and A72-170. show photo
From Left:- Bill Queally, Gordon Francey, Sven Nielsen.
Location:- Library Cabinet Shelf C for Bert Cox.

Nick Nichols. show photo
Back Row:- W/O Diver Dunn, Flight Engineer. P/O Alan Taylor, Co-Pilot. W/O Pop Hardisty, Navigator. F/Lt Phil Ward DFC, Bombardier. S/L Nick Nichols, Captain. F/O Mick Toohey, 1st WOP.
Front Row:- Sgt Jack Daley, AG. Sgt Bluey Kavanagh, AG. W/O Jack Simmonds, 2nd WOP. Sgt Tom Fitzgerald, AG. Sgt Don Heath, AG.
Location:- B-24 Liberator Squadrons Newsletter September 2004 in Library Cabinet B2 Box 5.

John O'Brien show photo
Back Row:- F/Sgt Ken Murray, WAG. F/Sgt Alan Harvey, WAG. F/Sgt Bill Loftus, F/Eng. Sgt Harry Wilmington, Tail Gunner. Sgt 'Curly' Alexander, Nose Gunner.
Front Row:- P/O John Gilbert, Bomb Aimer. F/O Doug McPherson, Co-Pilot. S/Ldr John O'Brien, Captain. F/O Aub Ducat DFM, Mid-Upper Turret. F/Lt D.W. Brown, Navigator.

Richard Overheu. This is thought to be an official 'posed' shot using the shiniest aircraft they could find!show photo
Back Row:- F/Sgt MacDonald, F/Eng. Sgt J. Talbot, Armourer. Sgt R. Robins, WAG.
Middle Row:- F/O W. Clark, Nose Gunner. F/O R. Nicol, Bomb Aimer. F/O L. Edwards, WAG. W/O C. Strambinni, Mid-Upper Gunner.
Front Row:- F/O W. Jacobs, Co-Pilot. F/Lt R. 'Dick' Overheu DFC*, Captain. F/Lt L. Wurr, Navigator.

Colin Portway, 25 Squadron show photo
Front Row:- F/Sgt Eric Delbridge, Tail Gunner. F/Sgt Eric Sims, Ball Gunner. P/O Gordon Grimley, Co-pilot. F/Lt W. Beasley, Navigator. F/Lt Colin Portway, Captain. F/O Max Stone, Bombardier. Sgt Jack Martin, F/Eng. F/O Les Stevenson, WOAG. W/O Puss McDonald, WOAG. Sgt Len Hubball, Nose Gunner.

Jock Pratt at Tocumwal, June 1945. show photo
F/L Jock Pratt (Captain), F/L Harry Ellis (2nd Pilot), Sgt Bob Cuthbert (Engineer), F/O Choof Coleman (Navigator), F/S Skip Tonkin (Bombardier), F/S Ian Campbell (Wireless Operator), F/S Jack webster (Radar Operator), W/O Ray Wolf (Radar Operator), F/S Pat Chapman (Nose gunner), F/L Bill Stevenson (Mid-Upper Gunner), F/S Ted Cairns (Tail Gunner).
Location:- Library drawer cabinet, tray C under 'Ted Cairns'.

W/C Eric Read. show photo
Back Row:- F/L Tom Bails, Gunnery Leader. W/C Eric Read, Captain. F/L Peter Edgar, Navigator. W/O Leo Foley, Tail Gunner. W/O Kevin Quinn, Radar Operator.
Front Row:- F/O Neil Bell, Radio Op. F/L Dai Williams, Waist Gunner. W/O Tom Shand, Flt/Eng.
Location:- B-24 Liberator Squadrons Newsletter October 1993 in Library Cabinet B2 Box 5.

J. Rendell and the crew of photo
From Left:- F/Sgt. J.J. Clark, Navigator. F/Sgt. H. Marchan, Fitter IIE. W/Off. G. Dacey, Radio Operator. F/O J.M. Hull, Co-Pilot. Cpt Ivan Leyton, ADC to General Blamey. F/Sgt. W. McDermott, Gunner. F/O J. Rendell, Pilot. General Sir Thomas Blamey. W/O Bill Tilley, passenger. Col. D. Dwyer, Aide. F/L R. Perkins, Radio Operator. F/Sgt. P.Maxwell, Gunner. F/Sgt. H. Hill, Flight Engineer.
Location:- ring binder labelled 'B-24 Historic Photograph' in Library Cabinet B2 Box 11

Jim photo
L - R:- Frank stevens, Co-Pilot. Ron Sim, Navigator. Jim Riggs, Captain. Rod Bryce, Bomb aimer. The remainder, not neccasarily in order: Pritchard, Flight Engineer. Ken Gould, WAG. Bob Nichol, WAG. Jim Mullins, WAG. Jim Cousins, Tail Gunner. Jerry Maynard, Nose Gunner. The name of the Mid Upper Gunner is not known at this time.
Location:- B-24 Liberator Squadrons Newsletter March 2003 in Library Cabinet B2 Box 5.

Bill Ross show photo
Back Row:- Sgt Jim Redden, Armourer/Gunner. W/O John Drake, W/T Operator. S/L Bill Ross, Captain. F/O Alf Shepard, Co-Pilot. P/O Bill Lodder, Tail Gunner.
Front Row:- F/O John Begg, Navigator. F/Sgt Mac McDonald, Nose Gunner. F/O Jim Tarleton-Rayment, Bomb Aimer. F/Sgt Army Armstrong, F/Eng. F/O Geoff Wadham, Gunnery Leader/Mid-Upper Gunner.

Bob Russell, 12 Squadron. show photo
Back Row:- P/O Fergusson, Gunner. P/O Kemster, Bomb Aimer. F/L Goldworthy, Navigator. S/L Bob Russell, Captain. F/O Doug Sandow, Co-Pilot. F/Sgt Perce Buckle, F/Eng.
Front Row:- F/Lt Burk Salter, Radio Operator. F/Sgt Mick Dooley, RadioOp/Gunner. W/O Norm Croucher, Gunner. F/Lt Moss Franklin DFM, Turret Gunner. Sgt Jack Fox, Tail Gunner.

F/Lt. Frank Sismey. show photo
Photo taken days before they perished in the crash of A72-160 at Truscott.
Unfortunately, I cannot read all the names. Any help would be appreciated.

Alan Triggs show photo
Back Row:- F/O Grimwade, WOAG. F/O Alan McKellar, Co-Pilot. F/Lt Alan Triggs MBE DFC, Captain. F/Lt Col Badham DFC, Navigator. F/O Ash Foley, WOAG. F/O Beckham, WOAG.
Front Row:- F/O Norm Williams CGM DFM*, Mid Upper Gunner. F/Sgt Polson, Bombardier. F/Sgt Les Staples, Flight Engineer. F/Sgt Jim Patullo, Tail Gunner. F/Sgt Trevor Waller, Nose Gunner.

F/L Forbes Weir, 200 Special Duty Flight. show photo
Back Row:- Jeff Newman, Bombardier. Merv Woodgate, 3rd WOP. F/L Forbes Weir, Captain. Lew Pope, Mid Upper Gunner. Noel Williams, Navigator. Maurie Stone, Radar Operatot
Front Row:- Jack Thomas, Radio Op. Jerry O'Connor, Tail Gunner. Hughie Gardiner, 2nd Pilot. Blue Levett, Flt/Eng. Col Ledger, Nose Gunner.
Location:- B-24 Liberator Squadrons Newsletter October 1993 in Library Cabinet B2 Box 5.

Gil White, 21 Squadron. show photo
Back Row:- John Blundell, flight Engineer. Bill Jones, 2nd Pilot. Les Burr. Gil White, Captain. Unidentified. Fred Foot, WAG.
Front Row:- Harry Dudley. Tommy Baker, WAG. Ron McPherson, WAG. Bill Tatnell, Navigator.
Location:- B-24 Liberator Squadrons Newsletter September 1996 in Library Cabinet B2 Box 5.

Jack Williams show photo
Back Row:- F/Sgt Jim Parker, Waist Gunner. F/O Keith Drevermann, Nose Gunner. F/Lt Murray Childs, W/Op. F/O Harry Neill, F/Eng. F/Sgt Burt Wynn, Tail Gunner. S/Ldr Ken 'Blue' Anderson, Mid-Upper Gunner. F/L Joe Finn, Co-Pilot.
Front Row:- F/Lt Jack Williams, Captain. F/O Garth Gordon, Bombardier. F/Lt Stan Hodge, Navigator. F/Sgt Stan Ogilvie, Ball Turret.

Jim Wilson 102 Squadron, Cecil Plains, 1945. show photo
Back Row:- F/Sgt Seigal. F/Sgt Wheeler. F/Sgt Holmes. F/Sgt Marshall. F/Sgt Prince. F/Sgt Morgan.
Front Row:- F/Sgt Patrick. F/O Wilson. F/Sgt Thompson. F/Sgt Purdue. F/Sgt Chisholm.

F/L Frank Woithe. 25 Squadron, Cunderdin, W.A., 1945. show photo
From Left: F/L Ron Green, W.A.G., F/S Arthur Smith, E., F/S Frank Bebbington, A.G., F/L Bob Huie, A.G., F/L Frank Woithe, Captain, F/S Ivan Dixon, A.G., F/L Andy Latta, W.A.G., S/L Pat Wilkes, N., W/O Henry Dowdy, Co-Pilot, P/O Ray Pobar, B., F/L Frank Morey, W.A.G.