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September/October 2022

Lest we forget 
Members Matter

The 2022 AGM is scheduled for 11am on 12 November at our hangar located at the corner of Princes Highway and Farm Road, Werribee.  

For those members planning to attend, please notify our secretary, Paul Rourke on 0409179254.

Nominations received for positions on the 2023 Committee of Management are as follows.


President Lyn Gorman

I have considerable experience of our association, our Museum, our aims and objectives in museum precinct development. Much remains to be done regarding the grant to us of additional land, including planning the interior fit-out of Hangar1 as part of our expanded museum precinct and ensuring maintenance work is carried out on hangar 2. My commitment to the group has been strong since my first visit to the hangar enhanced by the fact that my father was a RAAF Liberator pilot during World War II.  

Vice President Graham Collis

Has served as Vice President since 2018 and will assist the president in duties as required. 

Treasurer Gary Singline

Has served as Treasurer since January 2019.   

Secretary Paul Rourke

I have been acting in this position for the last 18 months and am standing again for this position during 2023. Over that period of time I attended and chaired meetings relevant to the business of our organisation, assembled, received and distributed correspondence, recorded events and processed the documentation of new volunteers and Centrelink customers. In addition, I attended the hangar on numerous occasions after hours to meet the needs of Melbourne Water subcontractors preparing the site for Hangar 1’s relocation.

Committee members 1 through 5

Marge Albert 

I am the Heritage Collection Coordinator and participant in the Acquisition Committee. Over the past 12 months many items for our heritage collection have been acquired and cataloged. Some of these items required intervention for their preservation prior to storage. The furniture for the Heritage displays is currently being reviewed for future displays in the restored Hangar 1.

Norm Morris 

Over the past year I have been on the B-24 LM Committee of Management. My main area of responsibility has been in marketing and a shared role in promotional functions. Regarding future activities, I would like to continue to build strong links with the City of Wyndham and otherwise promote the B-24 Liberator Memorial. 

Ron Gillis

I have been a member of the current Management Committee serving with Norm Morris in the marketing role. One of the highlights of the year was our involvement with Wyndham City Council Volunteer Expo. I very much wish to remain involved with the management of this important project and its dedicated volunteers.

John Keevins

I have been a member of the Management Committee for several years. Over the past year I continued to serve as the Convener of the Acquisition Committee and worked mainly on the restoration of the B-24 oxygen system. I also worked to improve OH&S and communication. During 2023 I would like to focus on improving our presentation and displays, bringing them up to a consistent standard. 

Tony Muller

My roles as team leader in the Engine Management Group, Outside Events Coordinator, Visitor catering with my wife, Margot, Guest speaker and Fund raiser have done much to keep the Museum in the public mind. My role over the past two years has enabled us to bring the Avro Anson project to fruition.  

Committee Report from October

Held over to December.  

Hangar 1 relocation report 5 October 2022

The car park and landscape drawings are being amended to account for new information from Development Victoria. (The road east of the hangar site will be higher than the hangar site so there will be a sloping bank on that side. This affects landscape and drainage design.) once the drawings are amended they will be submitted to Heritage Victoria. Our thanks to Melbourne Water for the update. 

Liberator, work in progress

Held over until December. 

Oxford, work in progress

The remastered Oxford drawings have arrived from the UK and will enhance our knowledge of 1930s engineering drawing styles and assembly techniques. Initial work has started on the front fuselage structure. The cockpit canopy structure has been withdrawn from stores and will be used to verify attachment points. It will then be subject to a full restoration.   

Strange, but true.

Held over until December.  

Entry donation increase

After a review of our current activities and future plans, and in conjunction with the current global financial situation, we have found it necessary to increase our hangar entry donation to $10.00. This change will take effect on 1 January 2023. All current bookings will be honoured at the 2022 price.  

A blast from the past 

At March 1995 our financial situation was as follows. We have $9,202 in our Bank Account and a credit at National Trust of $22,195. This will be insufficient if the fuselage becomes available but you will be notified if this happens soon.   

Of interest   

We are about to paint the port and starboard nose identification numbers onto our Liberator. The numbers existed during its service life at Tocumwal and are a valuable part of 176’s service story. The numbers are in ‘trainer yellow’ with a black outline.   

Flt Sgt KW Beale’s story (cont.)

From Karen Henderson, Tocumwal. Full name was Kevin Wallace Beale, born 21 July 1925 in Mt Morgan, Queensland. Further information may become available.Thanks Karen.  

A Japanese camp

Photograph taken by Flt Sgt Beale from the port waist gun position of a Liberator.  


Our old and outdated PA hangar system requires replacement. If any of our members or friends has a redundant one, we would be very pleased to receive it as a donation.  

For Gabrielle

I know that you believe what you think I said, but I’m not sure that you realise what you heard is not what I meant.   

Forthcoming events

On 14-15 January 2023 we shall participate at the Classic Truck Show, Geelong Showgrounds plus offer an engine run.  

President’s Message

I hope that many of our members will be able to attend the Annual General Meeting on 12 November. If you are unable to come, do please complete the Proxy Form attached to this newsletter and return it to us prior to the meeting. I am grateful to all those who have re-nominated to Executive and Committee of Management positions. The work you do is essential to our organisation. Visitor numbers to the hangar continue to increase, and we have welcomed both individuals and groups in recent weeks. One of the visitors is keen to make a film about the Liberator, which we welcome. Work has started on the Avro Anson, but we need to clear space in the hangar so that this can occur indoors rather than out the back. However, it is encouraging to have a third aircraft project underway. Best wishes to all our readers,

Lyn Gorman, President