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March/April, 2021

March/April Newsletter 2021

Shrine of Remembrance Ceremony 23-3-021.

Our president and our Patron layed wreaths in the Sanctuary at our annual B-24 Liberator flag raising ceremony held at the Melbourne Shrine of Remembrance. Also in attendance were a number of members.

The Ode was presented by Mr Vern Roberts, a Life Member and a RAAF B-24 Liberator Veteran.

Vern Roberts

Lest we forget

Hangar news.

On Tuesday the 9th of March we were delighted to host a visit by Air Commodores John Meier and Rob Coopes, Warrant Officer Darren Whitford from the RAAF and Dave Gardner, Air Force Curator for the RAAF. Air Commodore Meier briefed us on the current reorganization taking place at Point Cook and other nominated RAAF historical sites. The visitors were taken on a hangar tour which included a question and answer session on the re location of hangar 1 and our our future plans for Hangar 1 and Hangar 2.

A session was then held to discuss future cooperation between our two organizations. As a start, the offer was made to digitize our hard copy B-24 manuals, return them, with the RAAF keeping a copy for their historical records. This was agreed too on principal. All in all it was considered a very productive day for both parties!!!!!!.

Hangar 1 re location progress as at 15/3/021.

1. Draft structural and architectural has been reviewed by Melbourne Water.
2. Draft building services, landscaping, car parking and drainage design has been reviewed by Melbourne Water.
3. Planning Permit Application submission was delayed due to co-ordination with Development Victoria and will be submitted by the end of March.
4. The Auditor approved the scope of the EPA Environmental Audit And Heritage Victoria confirmed the Audit will not require a Heritage Permit.
5. Melbourne Water is in the process of engaging a contractor to complete the audit investigation works for the Hangar 1&2 site. 

For information, the EPA audit is on the projects critical path and involves the following steps. 

1. EPA Auditor approves the scope of sampling (Now complete).
2. Contractor undertakes sampling and prepares report outlining the findings and makes recommendations for land remediation (if required).
3. EPA approves report.
4. Contractor undertakes land remediation (if required) and submits report to Auditor.
5. EPA auditor approves the remediation.
6. Physical works can happen on site after EPA Auditor approval.

Committee news.

On Tuesday March 16th a planned “covid recovery” meeting and lunch, sponsored by Toyota was held in our hangar. The title of the meeting was “Re start after covid”. The hangar volunteers were in attendance and were invited to participate. The pathway to our hangar move was submitted for discussion and resolution. This resulted in a strong positive input by those in attendance. Monthly follow up meetings are planned.

Something new. Tug arrival.

The tug was restored and rebuilt by Mr Greg Wood of Mildura and donated to our organization in memory of his brother Mr Phillip Wood. The build standard is first class and eye catching. The serial number is the original one discovered during paint removal. 

It will be used to tow our B-24 from hangar 1 to its external positioning on the hard standing for visitor inspection and ceremonial events. It may also be used to transport visitors between hangars with an attached carriage. 

Many thanks Greg, A worthy addition to our Memorial.

Liberator, work in progress.

Work is progressing on the auto pilot servo motors, strip down, replace/repair and test. As it is old technology it is interesting to appreciate the design and functions that were created without the aid of computers. 

Fitment of flying control cables is continuing. Re furbished aileron control pulley is being used to re align misaligned pulley shaft.

Flap control's hydraulic ram unit to be overhauled and returned to serviceability prior to installation Manufacturing of oxy. Bottles mounting brackets continues. 

Hydraulic piping to the rear turret using the original A72-176 piping is being installed. 

Work is continuing on the large under wing panels prior to fitment. 

Engine nacelles 3 and 4 are complete and in place. Work on nacelles 1 and 2 is currently on hold.

Oxford work in progress.

Restoration and repair of nacelle sheet metal items is continuing. 

Undercarriage doors have been painted. 

Nacelle main bulkhead mock up is in progress. 

Timber delivery requires collection and correct material delivered.

Forthcoming events.

It is that time of year again when our biggest event occurs!!!!!!!!.

That is. Membership renewal time.

Please find attached the 2021 membership renewal form for your attention. 

2020 was a very lean year for our normal external sourced income streams of visitors, events and donations, this we understand and have managed our financial side with professionalism. However with the shift to Hangar 1 our expenditure will obviously increase due to unscheduled expenses. 

Please activate the renewal form promptly and if possible add a donation or a promised sponsorship would be greatly appreciated. 

If paying by e.f.t. please include your name against the transaction.

Of interest 1.

Scottish Aviation “Concord”.

As WW II was reaching a conclusion Britain realized it had a dearth of civilian aircraft that could not cross the Atlantic without refueling. 

One solution presented was the Scottish Aviation (S.A.L.) Concord. As S.A.L. had engineering authority to service, repair and modify B24’s for RAF service and had access to drawings and spare parts it seemed logical to design and build a civilian version. The project was to use substantial parts cannibalized from obsolete, surplus or damaged Liberators. A completely new, rounded fuselage was designed with a modified centre section and lengthened nose leg. 

It never left the drawing board or made the mock up stage. See drawing and model.

Of interest 2.

Mr Neil Fitzclarence has completed an excellent model of A72-176. The paint finish and detail of this nose section is excellent.

Thanks Neil.

Of interest 3.

Recently one of my domestic smoke alarms ended its career with a violent discharge of noise and aggravation. Doing a bit of research I discovered they had been installed 17 years ago. Time to fit replacements!!!!!!. 

Doing a tour of our local Woolworth's Supermarket I located and purchased 2 “Quell” smoke alarms, it was noticed that these could be fitted to the wall, not the ceiling thus avoiding the the neck straining, wee sweary words and arm stretching of installation and battery testing.

Removing the batteries and replacing the covers on the old ones and leaving them in place avoided redundant holes or ceiling repaints. 

Ah! A step forward in efficiency at no cost. 

Dave Miller.

From Gabrielle. 

Gabrielle Hogan has sent us a letter of appreciation re our joke entries. In the letter she asks that members submit their favourite jokes for publication, and her enjoyment. Now there is a challenge. She also requested that the jokes be located in the final page as per the early Newsletters.

Not forgotten.

War is hell sometimes, no names, no pack drill.

Something different..

The above sketches are contained in an autograph book belonging to a family member 

There is a series of them entered by individual relatives reflecting there impressions of wartime moments. 

They are dated 1917-1919. 

Dave Miller.

President’s message.

It is wonderful that visitors - including some in club groups - are returning to our restoration hangar and museum. We certainly welcome you after all those months of 2020 when the hangar had to close. If you have not yet paid a return visit, or if you have never visited, I do encourage you to do so, and please encourage friends to come and see the aircraft and museum as well.

We were delighted to be able to hold the commemorative service at the Shrine of Remembrance on 23rd March, 2021. We trust we shall be able to open the ceremony to larger numbers in 2022 on the same date.

We are planning an open day at the hangar on 30th May, 2021 to celebrate the acquisition of Avro Anson parts that will form the basis of our rebuild of that aircraft. Please put this date in your diary! We do hope you will be able to attend. Further details will be made available on our website and Facebook page. 

As winter approaches, I wish you good health. 

Lyn Gorman, President

For Gabrielle.

Nice to know.

“Thank you everyone, we are very busy today, we have to get on with our day jobs”. Victorian Health Minister calling time at his covid press conference.

Bean counters again. 

Some Scottish restaurants heat their table knives. This is to stop the guests using too much butter.