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August, 2016

August, 2016 News

Executive and Committee of Management 2017 

That time of year again: comes around very quickly. With this newsletter you will find the nomination form for the 2017 Committee. Phil Taylor is the Returning Officer and his details are on the form.  

Note: You must get the agreement of the person you nominate to stand for the position. Nominees can only stand for one position: either on the Executive or the Committee of Management. If you have any questions please contact the Secretary on 03 97340094.  

Nomination forms must be with the Returning Officer by 1st October 2017. Download your form from this link.   


Membership renewals have been very slow. We have completed renewals for just a bit over half the existing membership. If you have forgotten we will be sending a reminder notice shortly either by email or regular mail. We rely heavily on renewals to provide operating capital for the next year.  

We ask that you consider renewing your membership for 2017.  

Thank you.  

Visitor Numbers

Half year visitor numbers are maintaining the average. To the end of June 2016 visitor numbers were:  

From Australia: 1527

Overseas: 45

Total: 1572

Most overseas visitors come from New Zealand, USA and United Kingdom but we’ve also had guests from Thailand, the Channel Islands, Italy, Netherlands and Northern Ireland.  

Most overseas visitors come as a result of a personal recommendation or web research.  

Most Australian visitors come from Victoria. South Australia and Western Australia are well represented in the numbers. They call in after seeing the sign at the front of the hangar, or from personal recommendations or as a return visitor checking on progress.  

Club visits are an important part of patronage. So far to the end of June 2016 we have had visits from:  

1 retirement village  

1 RSL  

3 Probus Clubs  

3 motorcycle clubs  

3 car groups  

An Over 50s group  

1 school and 1 cadet group  

National Trust group  

Training visit from Melton Information Centre  

Club Visit    

The Jaguar Car Club visited and enjoyed the tour of the plane and hangar. One of the members, Darren Hill, parked his car under the wing of A72-176 to get this interesting photo. Our "old girl" makes a great back-drop.

Liberator Update (Dave Miller)

Work on the bomb bay is progressing. We now have three doors operational: only the port forward one still to go. That door requires further trimming and setting. The hydraulic piping in the fuselage is being fitted and checked.  

 Hydraulics in the bomb bay

Work on the engine nacelles is proceeding. Final fitment of components and panels is underway. The search continues for a manual bomb release assembly. Once we get this component we will be able to complete that system.  

Volunteer attendance rates remain at an average of 30 each Tuesday and Thursday. This is a good, consistent result especially during winter when there’s not much to choose between the hangar and a refrigerator.  

Several return visitors recently have commented on the general appearance of the hangar and surrounds. We are involved in a major clean-up and movement of storage. Good to know it shows.

 Work underway, engine nacelle

Oxford Update  

Work is proceeding steadily on the Oxford replica. The ailerons are being worked on and the wheels are being thoroughly cleaned prior to major work starting on them.  The cockpit floor is just about complete. One side of the first wing has now been covered in plywood. The wing will now be flipped so covering the other side can proceed. Work is also being done to source components for the Cheetah engines.  

 Wing covered, ready to be flipped……. all that lovely, interior woodwork now out of sight!


Cameras have all been fitted and a monitor set up so that movement can be observed in both real time and from recordings. The women in the shop have added another skill to their resumes….that of security monitors. The cameras give us a good coverage all around the hangar exterior. The hangar interior is monitored on another system so we are well covered.  

Thanks to those who donated money and time to getting this system up and running.   

Wirraway/Anson Swap   

The crew from Swan Hill arrived with the Anson securely on their trailer and went home with the Wirraway part: all parties satisfied with the swap. The stated aim of the Fund is:  

The B-24 Liberator Memorial Australia will establish a museum which will include a B-24 Liberator aircraft and additional aircraft, items and artefacts relevant to the training and service of the B-24 Liberator air and ground crews during the period 1943-1947.     

With the Oxford in progress and the Anson parts now in the hangar we are well on the way to achieving that aim.  

 Anson nose cone in "good "condition. We’ve worked with parts in worst condition & ended up with a good result.

Tourism, Greater Geelong and The Bellarine   

We have joined this group as we think greater exposure in this area will be of benefit to the fund. On 4th August a group of about 50 from this organisation visited the hangar as part of their training programme. They were most impressed by the work being done, the history we are trying to preserve and the dedication of our volunteers. They will spread the word of their positive experience to encourage others to visit the restoration.    

Information for those who may be visiting Canberra.   

This from the War Memorial in response to an inquiry from Dave Miller who came across a reference to a plaque to Liberators being unveiled at the War Memorial on 25th August 1995.     

Our response to your Question RCIS57294 is:    

Dear David, Thank you for your enquiry to the Research Centre of the Australian War Memorial. The plaque for the B-24 Liberator Long Range Heavy Bombers is located in position number W6 on the western side of the main Memorial building. This area is known as the Western Courtyard. Please see the map at:

"If you have any problems locating the Memorial please speak to the Information Assistants in the in the Memorial’s Orientation Gallery. I hope this information is of assistance. Please feel free to contact us again if you have any further questions."

Kind regards, Suzy Nunes

Information Services | Research Centre | t 02 6243 4315 | f 02 6243 4545   

Australian War Memorial | GPO Box 345 Canberra ACT 2601 |  

Geelong Military Re-enactment Group    

On Sunday 14th August this group put on a display at the hangar with attracted a crowd in excess of 200. Through entrance payments, a sausage sizzle, shop sales and donations a considerable sum of money was raised and given to the B-24 Liberator Memorial Australia. We thank the re-enactment group for their support and generous donation.  

Displays covered the era WW1 to post WW2 and included live firings of mortars and a cannon. The group came to the hangar on Saturday and erected a bivouac, a central part of their display.  

B-24 gave visitors plenty to see, putting on organised tours of the restoration plus displays of the radar, wirelesses and the Norden Bomb Sight.

Our radar, not yet installed in 176. Makes an interesting display.


 Nick Knight rolled his Boomerang out into the sunlight. It’s looking good.

 Cannon firing out into the paddock.


 Mortar firing


To: Geelong Military Re-enactment Group  

From: B-24 Liberator Memorial Australia:  

Your support is much appreciated. Through your involvement we have reached a broader audience which can only be of benefit to us.