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August, 2012

August News

Our Permanent Home

Despite meeting with Wyndham City Council Mayor & CEO on 31st May we still do not have a date for the meeting promised to us so that we could present our concerns re a permanent home for the restoration, to local council members. We have been told the council is still looking for a possible date. On the advice of a member, Ned Amezdroz, we contacted the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly, the Hon Ken Smith MLA, telling him of our concerns for the future of the restoration. Ken has replied saying he will, on our behalf, approach the Minister for Planning, Matthew Guy, at the earliest opportunity.
Ken says, “The B-24 Liberator Restoration Fund deserves to be given a suitable home.”
We hope other interested parties see the matter in the same light. Matthew Guy, in a letter in response to one written to him by Andrew Elsbury, stated that the Conservation Management Plan (CMP) for Riverwalk was to be made available to stakeholders in June 2012. As we had not received it, contact was made with Places Victoria asking about access to the CMP. We have been told that the CMP will be ready in 2 to 3 weeks & we will then receive a copy. This will bring us one step closer to a community consultation with Heritage Victoria re the future of the
Heritage Order over the hangars & the land. PV will then work on an Adaptive Reuse Strategy which will explore how to best use the hangars to meet community needs. Hopefully that will mean us staying.


B-24 Liberator Update

John Gilbert has fitted one of the replica Browning .5 guns to the gunner’s position at the rear window of the fuselage.

The fuel control system has also been fitted in the cockpit.

The framework for the rear turret & ammunition box support frame has been constructed & installed.

Frank Zielinski has finished the shop trailer which will be used to take shop stock to displays. It’s being painted then the shelving will be installed & it will be ready for use. We have great plans for this.
Work is proceeding in the cockpit.

  The Cockpit floor has been fitted & the windows are also being put in place.  

Ted Carpenter & Bob Rose have just finished restoring a bomb selector control panel. It will be on display in the museum section at the hangar.

Engine Update

The engine crew, Tony Muller, Bill Graham & Tony Maher, are working away steadily. They have broken down our first Cheetah into components & are salvaging as many as possible. It’s envisaged that, by using parts of this Mk 10 Cheetah plus parts from the other Cheetah we have in storage they will create a working motor.
We are looking forward to obtaining the complete engine promised to us by the Sydney based Bankstown Air League.

Engine mounting ring installed & restored plumbing fitted.

Oxford Rebuild

We have relocated the centre section to the hangar for surveying & planning. Several volunteers are working on the flying controls, crew seats & undercarriage legs.

Engine Runs

These are proving very popular. Remember, if you want to hear a P&W 1830 strut its stuff contact the hangar &
have your name put on the waiting list.

Margo Muller making contact with the 30+ people on the waiting list for the engine run on 12th August.